The Curiosity of Mauro Barreiro, a surprise gastro

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Having a reservation in The Curiosity of Mauro Barreiro is to have a ticket to attend an unprecedented gastronomic spectacle. This is the great Cadiz restaurant.

Mauro Barreiro surprises and surprises in Curiosity, his restaurant located in Cadiz, where he cooks with the same enthusiasm with which he started at age 17, when he came into contact with what would be his first experience in the professional kitchen. Chef Cadiz is known for having tanned at the restaurant Skina in Marbella, where he wore 1 Michelin star.

After several culinary journeys and with the backpack full of experiences, Mauro returned to his land to create Curiosity, a restaurant where the essence of Cadiz cooks. In his house satisfies the gastronomic curiosity of all the Cadiz who venture to cross the threshold of the establishment. The restaurant develops a powerful cuisine, which stands out for its daring and imagination, while loving and respecting the product and tradition of local recipes and ancestral customs. In this space, sophisticated and traveled tapas are combined, which gather world flavors combined with the gastronomic DNA of Cadiz.

“A scoundrel’s touch” is the maxim that characterizes the type of food that is practiced in Curiosity. In its offer we find small tapas like the creamy salmorejo, accompanied by loin embuchado and crunchy crumbs; The exotic potato of Feria, which ceases to be a humble food to be integrated together with the tender meat of the veal shank and the surprising touch of the shitake mushrooms, the creaminess of the Marrying Cake and the pungent of the Sriracha mayonnaise. It Is, the less curious, the toast of fried eggs with smoked sardine and foie gras, as well as its legendary Serranito airbag.

The Place is divided into two zones, in the first one, the bar, located at the entrance you can enjoy tapas and innovative half portions. If We continue down the aisle, we come to a dining room with minimalist atmosphere, bathed in white and with strange and striking ornamental elements. In This room is where we will find the Mauro expressing Itself in everything high through ingenious dishes, well finished and marked flavors, very defined and specific. A quick look at the menu shows a first step in the fresh and the acid, where the salad of seasoned tomatoes, hearts of buds, sardines in vinegar and jalape├▒o mayonnaise and avocado are shown; The Peruvian-style tuna steak tartare and the house ceviche, made with rock fish.

The Banquet continues with strong preparations with a certain classic touch, such as cod confit with baby squid in onions and black gazpachuelo or pork tenderloin with mushroom cream. It Is recommended to share these dishes before launching to the next stage, a series of dishes to finish in which highlights the roasted octopus leg with potato and egg coulant with Iberian chorizo cream or the tataki temperate Iberian dam, with roasted leek and mustard of herbs. This, a good pair of bottles of the neat wine list and the sweet closing of its irresistible chocolate ingot with black sesame, passion fruit and Cut Stick.

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