Acánthum, a look at Huelva and the world

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The Restaurant of the chef Xanty Elías is defined as ‘ Cocina 100% Huelva ‘ seasoned with influences from several lares. A project erected from passion.

Acánthum is an Astro in the gastronomic history of Huelva. The House of Xanty Elias holds the title of being the first restaurant in the province to take on a star of the Michelin Guide, a recognition that certainly drives the chef to continue working side by side with his team to elaborate that avant-garde cuisine so yours , this splendid work that, based on the irreplaceable products of Huelva and applying the imagination without barriers, is transformed into dishes for those who sigh and in which to immerse, without return, on a journey to the bowels of the sea that bathes the land of Acánthum. An expedition through the lands of which sprout the vegetables that pass through their kitchen and the vines are born called to be part of the pairing with which they bathe their creations.

When Elijah emerges from the waters from which the refreshing carabiner is extracted in two temperatures with strawberry hoisin and hibiscus juice, it is the Iberian, either in the form of acorn-fed ham tartare-one of the most emblematic dishes of the place-or as the brave Ibé Dam Rich with cañailla, foie and again, strawberry, ephemeral fruit that is queen in Huelva.

Jumps, 100% Emotion and 525 Synergies are the names that receive the tasting menus offered, sets composed by multiple appetizers and entrances, previous steps among those who parade citrus mussels with lime and galanga, the obtained dish composed by Clams with Choco and curry foam, the cherry tomatoes macerated with wines of the earth called Sherry, cherry or another tomato, this time pink, with cilantro and bluefin tuna. In the section of the fish, the tables are paralyzed by the arrival of the hake with shallot and green pod or, in case of asking of letter, the meagre with quinoa and mussels or a portion of dances, fish similar to the seabass, that is presented escorted by Lupins converted Couscous and a hint of mustard.

As for the meat, the-in appearance-simple veal with black garlic and rosemary is alternated with the blunt, porcine and original Iberian piglet roasted with licorice and okra. As you need, every morsel needs your wine. A task that is handled by Manuel Gey, sommelier and head of the room. Wines from Huelva, labels from Marco de Jerez and Montilla-Moriles, cut Stick, vermouth… A local bet.

The Elegant and luminous dining room covered by stone and shades of gray is the setting in which Xanty flaunts his deep knowledge of the matter that fills the Olvisina pantry. The abundance of fish, fungi, vegetables and derivatives of the Iberian pork is complemented by another facet, much sweeter, which serves as a happy ending for this journey through the culinary arts of this House founded in 2011. Enter the truffles, a rash of chocolates, lemon with peach and ginger… Unique Experiences with which to embrace all the good-which is much-of Huelva.

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