Bardal, cooking to dictate day to day

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In Bardal The cook Benito Gómez, with more than two decades of experience behind the back, assumes the challenge of cooking the dictation of the market and its appetite. A free flight, without rules or script, in which trends, technique and local product come together.

Benito Gómez was born in Barcelona but he feels Malaga in his veins. Being just a teenager he started his studies. Just a few years later he began to work as a professional in kitchens like those of Jean Luc Figueras, The Farmhouse, the restaurant of the Hacienda Benazuza, or Tragabuches, relieving Dani Garcia, where he wore a Michelin star. Since last summer, in its place Bardal rises, a personal challenge.

The goal pursued by the Cook with this project is basically to make the kitchen that you want when you want. Feel the freedom to go to the market in good morning, stock up on the best products you find, the raw materials that the season proposes and, with them, compose the proposal of the day. No lines to limit, no corsets, no rules. That’s Why the product is the protagonist.

What the diner knows, before sitting at the table of the restaurant Bardal, is that what arrives at the table will be suggestive dishes, which respond to the latest trends, which are based on the local product and employing techniques and nuances that go beyond Malaga , which transcend even Spanish borders. Nothing else.

The Concretion of the approach will take place at the table with the menus of the day, two, a shorter and a longer one, divided into acts and sequences of tastings that in the end add up between sixteen and twenty-first elaborations, accompanied always by the extensive and select winery of the establishment. Those are the numbers and the details.

From the kitchen come dishes like the veal sweetbread with trumpets of death; A yellow tomato gazpacho with fine shells and China; A gyoza painted with summer truffle, foie gras, white apple garlic with bouchot, cucumber and salicornia; A cold beet soup, orange and galanga; Or a surprising dish, in presentation and effect on the palate, composed of snails, kidneys and caviar. Desserts, they claim, are not neglected.

In the day to day of Bardal, Juan Carlos Hernandez takes care of the kitchen as its chief, being Miguel Conde the chief of Hall. Desparpajo, great technique and creativity with the genre that usually, in the day to day, one can find in its nearest market.

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